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Advertiser ID : Muhammad Nizam Bin Awang
Contact No : 0133011356
Ads Category : Affiliate & Reseller
Update : 27-09-2018
Website : Myetherpony
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Location : China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Egypt, Arab Saudi

Description :

MYETHERPONY a new blockchain game based digital pet in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Egypt & Vietnam

All gaming fans in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Egypt & Vietnam can play a very intesting new gaming blockchain based called Myetherpony.

Myetherpony China | Myetherpony Hong Kong | Myetherpony Japan | Myetherpony Korea | Myetherpony Malaysia | Myetherpony Egypt | Myetherpony Vietnam

What is MyEtherPony?

MyEtherPony or (“MEP”) is a digital pet game on blockchain that lets you collect and trade digital collectibles in the form of ponies. Each pony’s traits and appearance is unique in MEP, you will not find any identical pony here just like in the real-world.

MyEtherPony is a great digital games

Start off with your favourite pony, and breed to get the rarest one. Showcase your pony’s farm to the community and they will be able to breed and trade with you. General information about your ponies will be available to all viewers to see.


Keywords Tags: myetherpony, digital pet, blockchain game, myetherpony in japan

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