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Karya Residensi Jalan Raja Alang

karya residensi jalan raja alang ~ Price : MYR 500000

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Advertiser ID : Taqy
Contact No : 0132620681
Ads Category : Real Estate
Update : 18-09-2018
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Location : Malaysia

Description :

karya residensi jalan raja alang

karya residensi jalan raja alang

karya residensi jalan raja alang

do whatsapp me or call me for futher details

Karya Residensi
From RM573,345* onwards
Property Type
Double Storey Terrace House
Completion year
August 2019 (expected)
Karya Residensi, Off Jalan Rusa, 41000 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Developed by
Selaman Sejati Sdn Bhd (subsidiary of Selaman Sdn Bhd)
Karya Residensi is a FREEHOLD low-density development comprised of 161 double-storey terrace house & currently 111 units (phase 1) are open for booking and sales. Located in a family-friendly neighbourhood of Jalan Kota Raja is well-connected by multiple upgraded highways providing the residents of Karya Residensi easy access to key destinations. The area of Karya Residensi is also surrounded by highly accessible public transportation & offering unprecedented convenience.

karya residensi jalan raja alang

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