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How to Cure Back Pain

Executive Summaty About Pain Fix by eHow Health , Dana Severson and Edit by

For those who suffer from extreme, ongoing pain, doctors may prescribe prescription drugs and more intensive therapy.

Take Steps to Cure Your Back Pain

Treat back pain conservatively. Surgery is a last resort to cure even severe, chronic back pain.

Avoid taking to your bed to cure back pain. Extended bed rest may make back pain worse, not better. Use heat or cold therapy to cure back pain. Alternating hot and cold dressings can be especially effective for back pain caused by sprains or strains.

Stretching combined with mild exercise can also be helpful in relieving back pain. NSAIDs and muscle relaxants are often prescribed for back pain relief. Doctors may prescribe very short-term use of **** or codeine to ease severe, chronic pain.

Consider doctor-supervised cortisone injections to cure back pain caused by pinched nerves or other sources of nerve inflammation.Work with a massage therapist or a physical therapist to get relief from back pain.

Discuss surgery when other options to cure back pain have been exhausted, or when your doctor advises that surgery is needed for structural, nerve or soft tissue damage and/or disease.

How to Relieve Thumb Joint Pain

When you suffer from thumb joint pain, it is most likely a result of arthritis, otherwise known as basal joint arthritis, a form of osteoarthritis. With this condition, you often experience pain and swelling.


Step 1 - Rest your thumb. Continuing to use your thumb can exacerbate the situation and cause additional pain.


Step 2-Take a pain reliever or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). By using a pain reliever like acetaminophen, or a NSAID like ibuprofen, aspirin, or naproxen, you can lessen the inflammation and decrease the pain.


Step 3-Much like rest, immobilizing the thumb stops further irritation and inflammation.


Step 4-To lessen inflammation and reduce pain, you should apply cold to the thumb for about 15 minutes at a time throughout the day. To loosen stiffened joints and relieve pain, apply heat.


Step 5- Exercise your thumb.


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