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Fbs Markets Inc. Launches Fbs Copy Trade

FBS Markets Inc. Launches FBS COPY TRADE ~ Price : MYR 000

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Update : 31-07-2018
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Location : Malaysia, Indonesia

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Forex Trading Broker FBS Markets Inc. Launches CopyTrade Platform

FBS Markets Inc. has launched a social trading platform (CopyTrade) that allows savvy investors to follow professionally selected trading strategies, leading community traders and earn profits. The platform makes it easy for you to manage your investments by eliminating insecurity and confusion in the financial market. All that you are required to do is to share your trading skills with other investors then earn a profit or commission. You can follow other traders or let them follow you so you can make a commission.

How to get started with FBS CopyTrade

For you to get started on FBS CopyTrade, you need to open a trading account. If you already have an account, then you can use your existing account. It is advisable to choose a trading account that matches your trading needs. After opening your account, you can log in and go to “Personal Area” then select the type of account you want to follow. There are copy parameters that you have to enable. There is a “Start Generate with CopyTrade” link in the account settings. Click on this link and customize your profile. You can choose the commissions percentage you want depending on your investment needs then click on the “Start” button. When your account is entirely set up, you can quickly make profits and earn attractive commissions.

What makes FBS CopyTrade Unique ?

You don’t need to have special financial knowledge for you to enter. Besides, you also don’t need to install any software packages or execute any special action for you to earn a profit. You need to customize your account and allow others to follow you. You get access to detailed information of dominant traders in the market. All you do is to browse the profiles of successful traders and choose the ones you want to follow. Since you are following professional traders, chances of losing your investment are very low. You can create an exclusive portfolio that comprises of the best traders. You will not only track their performance but also contact and make money with them. Among the accounts, you can follow include MT4 Micro, MT4 Standard, and MT4 Unlimited.

There is a lot of flexibility in CopyTrade. If you no longer want to follow a trader, you can stop whenever you want. Investors are free to choose whatever they want including changing their trading schedules at their convenient time. You can become a trader and allow other traders to copy your orders then earn a commission. If your account performs better, then you have higher chances of being followed and this translates to better profits. If you’ve got special trading skills, then you have higher chances of making good money. With CopyTrade, you can make money effortlessly even without working.

Depositing and withdrawal of money from the platform are all simple. There are over 100 payment systems to choose from. For you to fund your account, just go to “Financial Operations” in the Personal area. You can choose any of the provided payment systems. However, you can only withdraw through a payment system that you used to deposit. If your account was funded through different payment systems, then withdrawals can be executed through same payment methods but in the same funding ratio. Deposits done through electronic payment systems are instantly processed. However, those done through other methods of payment can take one to two hours to be processed. The maximum time that can be made for a deposit or withdrawal to be processed is 48 hours.

For convenient trading, FBS has launched an application that is available for download from AppStore. Android users will soon get the app. The app allows you to trade and earn a profit on a daily basis.

Click Here to Open Account with FBS CopyTrade

Since FBS is an STP (Straight through Processing) broker, it has no restrictions on the trading methods you can use. You can either hedge or trade on the scalp and much more. All orders that clients make are directly sent to real forex markets. Therefore, they have made copy trading quite simple. If you are a smart investor and want to make a good fortune from your investment, then you can control your profitability with FBS CopyTrade platform.


Financial markets are very volatile and investing in them can be very challenging especially if you are a newbie. However, FBS CopyTrade is a game changer in this. It allows you to follow professional investors or be followed by other traders as you make money. With a unique portfolio, trading skills and investment strategy, you can make profits, earn commission and control your profitability in just a few clicks on FBS CopyTrade platform.


Click Here to Visit FBS CopyTrade

FBS Markets Inc. Launches FBS COPY TRADE

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