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Losyen Untuk Golfer

Losyen untuk Golfer ~ Price : MYR 65

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Advertiser ID : Najiha Online
Contact No : 60172578101
Ads Category : Beauty & Personal Care
Update : 14-08-2017
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Location : Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya

Description :

Losyen untuk Golfer

 New product - Losyen untuk Golfer

Works to improve the elasticity of the skin, moisturize and brighten the skin, reduce wrinkles on the arms and neck, stiff legs overcome a rough, uneven skin tone and protect skin from the sun.

Product Status New
Volume (L) 150ml
Brand UMZ Blooms
Country of Origin Malaysia

* Improves skin elasticity.
* Moisturize the skin.
* Brighten skin.
* Reduce wrinkles on the hands and neck.
* Overcome the rough skin of the feet.
* Overcoming uneven skin tone
* Protect your skin from the sun.

How to use:
Silk lotion applied to the entire body after bathing. Bullying consumption as much as possible for a stunning effect.

Water, Porphyidium Cruentum Extract, Myrothamnus flabellifolia Extract, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil Strearic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Glycerine, Fragance, Mineral Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate ..

Weight: 150ml
Price: RM65.00

Losyen untuk Golfer

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