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Skyvilla D Island Residence Puchong For Sale

SkyVilla D Island Residence Puchong For Sale ~ Price : MYR 850000

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Advertiser ID : Leena
Contact No : 0186697338
Ads Category : Real Estate
Update : 19-04-2018
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Location : Puchong Selangor

SkyVilla D Island Residence Puchong For Sale

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This advertisement and the information related to it are provided and maintained by the advertiser. is not responsible and can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this advertisement.

SkyVilla D Island Residence Puchong For Sale 

SkyVilla D Island Residence Puchong For Sale Leena Property 0186697338 

SkyVilla D Island Residence Puchong For Sale Leena Property For Sale πŸ‘‡
🏠 SkyVilla DIsland Residence Puchong

** Less unit 
** got skydeck

- Corner unit
- 1151sqft
- Non Bumi Unit
- 3bedroom + 2 bathroom 
- Nice facing Lake View

Price: πŸ’°πŸ’² Rm850K

For more detail πŸ‘‡

Leena β˜ŽοΈ 018 6697338

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This advertisement and the information related to it are provided and maintained by the advertiser. is not responsible and can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this advertisement.

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