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Offer Package Wedding Idcc

Offer Package Wedding IDCC ~ Price : MYR 0

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Advertiser ID : Najiha Online
Contact No : 60172578101
Ads Category : Services
Update : 30-03-2018
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Location : Shah Alam Selangor

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Offer Package Wedding IDCC  

Offer Package Wedding IDCC Shah Alam Selangor Subject to a minimum booking of 100 tables up on weekends and 50 tables up on weekdays.

Offer Package Wedding IDCC Shah Alam Selangor  Shah Alam is also the city’s most desirable address for the ultimate romantic wedding experience. From intimate bridal showers and stylish bachelor parties to lavish feasts and romantic interludes.

The Luxury Hall offers an elegant and bespoke ambience ideal for an intimate wedding and the variety of flexible spaces and set-ups available ensures that you have the perfect venue for your dream day. Our diverse team of chefs are adept at crafting exquisite culinary feasts ideal for grand and unforgettable occasions. Our wedding specialists and capable team of Ladies and Gentlemen provide the impeccable hospitality and attention to detail synonymous with Event Wedding Group.





Offer Package Wedding IDCC

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