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Cat Hoodie With Kangaroo Pouch

cat hoodie with kangaroo pouch ~ Price : MYR 0

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Update : 15-01-2018
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Location : United State

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hoodie with kangaroo pocket for pets / cat hoodie with kangaroo pouch

Looking to stay warm?

This sweatshirt does exactly that for you! But not just you! No! Let your pet join in and snuggle together with this amazing pet pouch kangaroo hoodie! A dog or cat can lurk into this stylish jacket with like a kangaroo pouch in front.  Hooded and made in Polyester, comfortable and warm with its broadcloth fabric type.

Made for especially, cats, (smaller) dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits, but all smaller pets will love this hoodie!

Made with premium high quality material. 100 % exclusive offer - click the "Add to Cart" button and get yours today!

Free Worldwide Shipping & 60% Off Today!

Limited to first 500 customers* 

**Please note - Due to huge demand for this product we anticipate delivery of your awesome product within 3 weeks global (quicker to US, Canada, & Australia) On orders of 2 or more items, faster shipping will be provided whenever possible! 

hoodie with kangaroo pocket for pets / cat hoodie with kangaroo pouch

cat hoodie with kangaroo pouch

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