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Pansulin 0198108144

pansulin 0198108144 ~ Price : MYR 0

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Advertiser ID : Green Jhez
Contact No : 0198108144
Ads Category : Healthy Products
Update : 27-11-2017
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Location : Kota Marudu

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pansulin 0198108144

pansulin 0198108144 Kencing manis, Insulin and Pansulin

pansulin 0198108144 Kencing manis, Insulin and Pansulin Good news for those who which to take preventive measure to avoid of being a diabetes or diabetes patients who wish not to be dependent of drugs or insulin for life, Pansulin will be your savior.

Pansulin is an unique and an award-winning formula utilizing bioactive enzyme, polysaccharide and the patented Momordica Charantia Poly Peptide that enhances the body through regulating, stabilizing and lowering blood glucose level.

The only substance besides insulin to be able to bind to the insulin receptor and open up the channel to allow glucose to enter the body cells hence helping the glucose utilization.

pansulin 0198108144

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