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Where To Buy Pandan Leaves | Malaysia

where to buy pandan leaves | malaysia ~ Price : MYR 3000

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Advertiser ID : Rosli Mohamed Hanip
Contact No : 60123874228
Ads Category : Food & Drink
Update : 27-10-2017
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Location : Subang Jaya

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where to buy pandan leaves | malaysia

where to buy pandan leaves | malaysia

It’s a type of plant that we could easily grow in our backyard and we often use it as an ingredient to add flavour and sometimes colour to both savoury and sweet dishes, and even drinks.

Locally, pandan is used in preparing staple food such as nasi lemak to desserts such as onde-onde.

These green leaves offer more than just natural aromatic smell as there are many health benefits including healing sunburn and relieving pain. They are even used to repel insects and as natural deodoriser in cars.

While pandan is a common ingredient used by many Asian households, particularly in the Southeast Asia region, that’s not the case in the West.

However, things are about to change as Lawson has pointed out that the herbaceous tropical plant has already started to gain popularity in the US, the same trend is expected to be seen at the UK.

“I think it’s going to be the new matcha,” she was quoted as saying British daily The Times.

where to buy pandan leaves | malaysia

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