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Advertiser ID : Yusri Bin Maskon
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Update : 17-10-2017
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FNR Indoor Environmental (FNR)

Experienced in its field of service since 2001 by a group of ambitious and experience professionals in their own fields of expertise in promoting the needs for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Good IAQ is required for a healthy indoor working environment while poor IAQ can cause various discomfort and illness to the tenants. With our depth knowledge and experience in IAQ services, we strongly believe can provide a better and healthier IAQ to all type of buildings and infrastructures such as office buildings, hospitals, industrials, oil & gas industry, ships and many others.

We offer the latest technology and reliable method in enhancing the quality of IAQ through proper monitoring system, treatment & services of HVAC system and Anti Microbial service & treatment.. Our services will comply with all guidelines and policies with regards to Indoor Air Quality, Occupational Safety & Health and Environmental issues and Malaysian Society for Quality  in Health (MSQH). Service provided as follows :

  • Aircondition Duct cleaning and treatment.
  • Air Handling Unit cleaning and treatment.
  • Internal insulation replacement.
  • Treatment and sanitization of bacteria,fungus and mold.
  • AntiCondensation solution and treatment .
  • Kitchen system cleaning and treatment.
  • IAQ and NEBB related test and inspection.
  • All type of filter solutions.

 For further enquiry, kindly contact@whatsapp me (Yusri) at +6017-3387920 / +601120727900 /



  1. Method of Cleaning. Contractor must use the Robotic Cleaning System and Air Compressed Nozzle Cleaning System during the cleaning of the following ducts;
  2. Robotic Cleaning Systems. All ‘Main Duct’ and ‘Flat Duct’ must be cleaned using the Robotic Cleaning Systems including the fresh and return duct. Additional vital robotic specification as schedule of technical requirement.
  3. Air Compressed Nozzle Cleaning System. Flexible Duct, Vertical Duct, small and all un-accessible duct by robotic system must be cleaned by the Air Compressed Nozzle Cleaning system. Additional vital air compressed nozzle specification as schedule of technical requirement.

Safety of equipment as not to disturb , damage to other properties and inhabitants of the building shall be observe by the contractor. All debris including dirt resulting the services must be cleaned. A new access door at the Duct must be installed if new entrance to the Duct is required during the services.

  1. Sanitization and Treatment Exercise. The contractor shall sanitize the entire air duct interior of the air conditioning system with anti bacterial sanitizer after the cleaning exercise by using the robotic 360 degrees rotating fogging machine. The chemical sanitizer must be able to reduce and effectively against a broad spectrum of microorganism, It also shall eliminates odour and non-toxic. Should there be cleaning of coil , diffusers and grills are required, the use of alkhaline based chemicals is required to prevent corrosion .Warranty of such treatment and free from microorganism is for six (6) months after applying the chemical. Other vital requirement of the said chemicals as schedule of technical requirement and the said MSDS must be submitted during tender process.
  2. Swab Test Sampling. Microbial growth samples are taken as outlined in the above procedure. Upon confirmation that the growth rates have been reduce to acceptable levels ( based on the laboratory analysis of ventilation air and exposure to occupant), for the specified area is deemed completed. Swab sampling test are taken for “Before” and “After” the services. The contractor shall take swap test at a specified location as per the BQ to a Third Party accredited laboratory. Third party accredited laboratory vital requirement as schedule of technical requirement.
  3. Microorganisms/Swab Testing Laboratory. All third party laboratory testing must be done by a certified ISO and Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia (SAMM) laboratory. The contractor shall submit Letter of Support from Accredited Laboratory together with all the relevant certification of the said laboratory. Upon completion of testing, the said laboratory to submit laboratory status report and “Letter of Service and Compliance’ complying the requirements of Malaysian Industrial Code of Practice on Indoor Air Quality 2010 (MICOP – IAQ 2010)
  4. Inspection of Services. All inspection should be done at all duct before and after the cleaning process to check the existing condition of the duct including damages , dirts , debris and other visible items. All physical damages will be reported immediately to the SO before work commence. Inspection process will also be done during the cleaning process when required by the SO should there be any clarification. All inspection must be done by robotic system and manual inspection should the duct is not accessible by the robot systems.
  5. Filtering Process. The contractor must provide filtering element or vacuuming device during the cleaning to filter all the dusk and dirt . The filter/vacuum must be able to trap all dusk and dirt from falling or spreading on the said building floor. Vital requirement for filtering or vacuuming specification as schedule of technical requirement.
  6. Video and Photo Recording of Duct Cleaning Exercises. The contractor shall video recorded and take photos of the HVAC system cleaning process of BEFORE, DURING and AFTER cleaning and hand over to client. The contractor shall also take photos the cleaning process and submit it over to client during final reporting.
  7. As Built Drawing of AC Duct System. The contractor is to submit the technical drawing for the Duct system upon completion of the service for the existing building. All drawing must be prepared and endorsed by a certified engineer (Ir). Other drawing requirement must be discussed later with the appointed SO.

 For further enquiry, kindly contact@whatsapp me (Yusri) at +6017-3387920 / +601120727900 /

Keywords Tags:

This advertisement and the information related to it are provided and maintained by the advertiser. is not responsible and can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this advertisement.

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