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Melaluca ~ Price : MYR 115

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Advertiser ID : Nashakd Beauty
Contact No : 60166581568
Ads Category : Beauty & Personal Care
Update : 17-04-2017
Website : Melaluca
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Location : Petaling Jaya / Sungai Buloh

Description :

Sei Bella Pure Essence Whitening Multi Berries Drink 

Key Specification 

  • Experience the Antioxidant and Whitening Power of 14 Types of Berries
  • High amount of berry polyphenol from Maqui Berry and Acai Berry
  • Contains whitening amino acids (L-Cysteine HCI Anhydrous), a well-known skin whitening ingredient in Japan
  • Enhance with Vitamin C and Multi-Vitamin B
  • Lotus seed germs extract, a patented ingredient in Japan
  • Ellagitannia extracted from pomegranate fruit, a patented ingredients in US


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