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Services Housekeeping Outsource | 0589658979

Services Housekeeping Outsource | 0589658979 ~ Price : MYR 0

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Advertiser ID : Ooh Cleaning Service Llc
Contact No : 589658979
Ads Category : Services
Update : 06-10-2017
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Location : 8 Airport Rd - Dubai

Services Housekeeping Outsource | 0589658979

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Services Housekeeping Outsource | 0589658979

Besides serving Cleaning Service in all fields. OOH Cleaning Service L.L.C also specializes in outsourcing in the Hospitality department. OOH Cleaning Service L.L.C is able to provide a unique outsourcing model to clients. All staff prior to being hired to Hospitality, we have trained with professionals. The hired staff can certainly follow the SOP provided by the client

The benefits to clients in outsourcing are exceptional.

  • Clients can save costs, eliminating all fixed costs attributable to the business, as well as the additional costs associated with running a business in the field of hospitality.
  • Client is able to eliminate all expenses related to salary, wages; pension; workers compensation etc.
  • Direct costs such as recruitment and training.
  • Indirect costs that can not be measured like the care and welfare of staff absorbed by OOH Cleaning Service L.L.C.
  • Thus the client can budget for a better cost directly related to occupancy.

There is a growing tendency toward outsourcing, as clients are aware of cost savings of staffing documents and valuable time. These valuable savings enable clients to focus on generating increased revenue through their actual revenue department.

OOH Cleaning Service L.L.C has the experience and management to ensure a smooth transition of the housekeeping department while outsourcing takes place initially, while achieving specific client goals and objectives.

OOH Cleaning Service is a profesional cleaning service company in United Arab Emirates, and give service mainly from Dubai. Offering a complete range of cleaning service solution to bring a sparkle to your life and to your dream asset. We provide a full range of service like Apartment/Villa Cleaning, Office Cleaning…

Quality Control

A diverse client base has helped us develop our quality control program. Our quality control program stresses active involvement of management, employees and clients.


Done by experienced agents, we recruit experienced agents and provide training according to our standards.


All Reliable employees are safety, and task trained. Our training is specific to your location, to ensure that your expectations are met. Additional training is provided when new procedures and equipment are available.

Other Services

Reliable provides: carpet cleaning, window cleaning, specialty cleaning and of course through our sister company we can provide all the cleaning products you require to keep your facility “CLEAN”.


Reliable offers a “GREEN CLEAN” option where our staff will only use certified green products within your facility.


An inspection checklist is developed with your company and your requirements in mind. Supervisors visit your site to complete the checklist with our employees. A copy of the inspection is available for you to review.

Time Log

Our employees clock in and out from your site via the telephone. This means that we can assure our clients that our employees are on site when scheduled.

Health and Safety

Reliable has a very active health and safety department. We have learned that an investment in safety pays dividends in reducing lost time.


The cleaning contractor should be able to provide the current insurance certificate. If not, then you may be liable for any accident, injury or damage. So do not hesitate for that, because we are fully responsible.

Office Address
UAE Enterprise Building – Office No. 304 - Near Aramex Airport Road Diera, Garhoud , Dubai - UAE - PO BOX 124963

We’re on call 24/7
+971 58 965 8979

Operating Hours
Everyday 08:00 - 20:00

Need support?


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This advertisement and the information related to it are provided and maintained by the advertiser. is not responsible and can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this advertisement.

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