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Harga Renew Ssm 2019

harga renew ssm 2019 ~ Price : MYR 100

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Advertiser ID : Ridzuan Bin Sawal
Contact No : 60197116647
Ads Category : Services
Update : 29-01-2019
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Location : Malaysia

Description :

Renew ssm online

SSM renewal will be easy with senangssm

Whatsapp Now!==> 0197116647

with senangSSM you can check price easily
and ssm late renewal penalty check harga renew
ssm 2018 and make ssm online payment

Do not waste time with the jam on the road
Do not have to wait long to queue for a long queue
Save time, gasoline and energy while baring can be renewed
You can also save in softcopy without worrying about losing your document

Rate or price for renewal of ssm without information or info is

RM90 for 1 year,
RM160 for 2 years,
RM230 for 3 years,
RM300 for 4 years,
RM370 for 5 years,
+ RM10 for Business info


Business info is the details or list of the business type you have filled
out in the form when registering ssm for the first time If you are late
renewing your ssm, you will be punished by ssm for RM30 on the
first month and an additional RM10 for the next month,

For example
if two months later, the penalty will increase to RM40, if late
five months will be RM70, And if you are late renewing your ssm more
from 1 year, you need to go to the nearby SSM Office to renew your
SSM Certificate.

You can also choose to get your SSM info business
info ssm is the details or list of your business have been listed during the
first registration. If you need this info, you will be charged an increase of RM10

Additional RM5 for 1 Branch x Years

harga renew ssm 2019

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This advertisement and the information related to it are provided and maintained by the advertiser. is not responsible and can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this advertisement.

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