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Soloco Chocolate Candy Natural Supplements For Mens Health

Soloco Chocolate Candy natural supplements for mens health ~ Price : MYR 0.00

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Advertiser ID : Den Rahman
Contact No : 60137443815
Ads Category : Beauty & Personal Care
Update : 20-09-2017
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Location : Taman Putri Kulai,81000,kulai,johor

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Soloco Chocolate Candy natural supplements for mens health

Soloco Chocolate Candy natural supplements for mens health

-The fruit trees are rich in the cleanest and protected Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, and the fruit grows up to the end of the day, hence the name "to the fruit."
-Towards fruit trees up to 140 meters, the fruit trees can not be as deep as 20 feet, so contain very high natural nutritional value.
-Local residents taking the treatment of diseases to the days of fruit for more than a thousand years, and from generation to generation, the doctors will be included in his prescription, known as "plants."


Promote blood circulation
Prevention of vascular obstruction

Lipid lowering and cholesterol
Strengthen heart function

Postpone menopause
Inhibit viral growth


Made of sky fruits are widely used by doctors as medication due to its high nutritional value. With the mixture of Sky fruits, Ginseng, Damiana, Cordyceps sinensis, honey, acai berry and dark chocolate, SOLOCO helps to enhance body health, to strengthen kidney function and to boost penis erection.



  • Strengthen kidney function

  • Balance hormones and encourage secretion of testerone

  • Promote blood circulation

  • Prevent prostate disease

  • Release fatigue and boost energy

  • Reduce cholesterol

  • Relief hypertension

  • Prevent cardiovascular disease

  • Control diabetes

  • Prevent lower urinary tract disease


Ingredients : Natural sky fruit seed, honey, dark chocolate, Ginseng, Aweto, Damiana and Acai Berry


Chocolate for Real Man
 1 Box of 12 pcs 
Consume twice per week or "as needed"

Soloco Chocolate Candy natural supplements for mens health

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